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Very nice couple that I have just helped with a very lovely quick to learn 14 week old puppy. This is an email from them:-


Please see the attached photos that I took, we can’t thank you enough for the time we spent with you, your knowledge and wonderful disposition made the whole learning experience for us all very enjoyable. As busy professionals it was hard to fit puppy training into our schedules and we both had lots of questions in relation to our lovely Stanley that I don’t think puppy classes would have answered as succinctly as you did.
Having not had so much as a gold fish before, the expectations and responsibility surrounding ownership of a puppy was very daunting for me and you gave me in one afternoon so much confidence, dispelling many myths and giving me the tools in the box to be a responsible pro-active dog owner.
Your easy instruction, wealth of knowledge and obvious love of dogs shines through and it was an absolute pleasure to work with you, when you left our home you left behind an amazing legacy, we will now make sure we put all your useful tips & tricks to great use and look forward to the many years ahead with our puppy Stanley, thank you x


We contacted Joe in February about our dog’s aggression to other dogs. Max is a 21/2 year old GSD,  and the most lovable and playful dog ever. We have had him since he was 8 weeks old, took him to puppy class as soon as he had his first vaccinations, walked him over the park and took him everywhere we went. He absolutely loves people and children but for some reason has always been aggressive to unfamiliar dogs. We couldn’t understand where this had come from as he has never had a bad experience with another dog. I use the word ‘aggressive’ but Max has never hurt or bitten another dog. Off lead he would charge towards them, tail wagging, and literally run over them, not realising that at 42 kilos, he could accidentally hurt them and understandably people were very wary and/or accusatory. If he was on the lead he would lunge at a passing dog. This made what should have been a pleasant experience an ordeal.


Joe came to our home and observed Max – and us! He gave us some very sensible advice on how we should react and deal with certain situations, setting ground rules to make Max realise that we are the leaders not him! It opened our eyes to issues we never even knew we had. For example, We should never go to him – if we want to pat him we call him over to us; if he brings a toy to us we ignore him, we decide when its playtime not him. He should never do anything until we tell him he can.


Joe also observed us walking him and even though we thought Max was good walking on a lead he is now practically perfect, the lead is always loose and he walks beside us.


Joe’s evaluation of Max was ‘nervous aggression’. This made sense as Max has always been hypersensitive and over excitable. Joe showed us how to slowly desensitise him by keeping our distance from other dogs, rewarding Max when he ignored them and slowly reducing that distance. We can now comfortably walk him in the street and the park within 5/10 metres of another dog, The distance is greater if the other dog is barking and growling. We have a way to go yet but the improvement in these past few weeks has been obvious and walking him is no longer something to dread. Thanks Joe!!

Reason for my visit/consultation            Max was very aggressive to other dogs and would show aggression to dogs that were 50 yards away

This is one month ago 




Hi Joe,
Just writing to let you know how Max is progressing over the last week since your visit. He is now not barking at the TV, he is not barking at other dogs and he is barking every now and again at cars. He waits for his food after we have eaten and is not barking constantly.
One of the biggest things is he goes off his lead on walks… Walks beside us and he walks off when we tell him he can.. And he comes STRAIGHT back when we call his name!!! Even without giving him a reward.
Thank you so much for your help, you’re a life saver.

Hi Joe,
Just a quick message to update you on Beaus progress 1 week on…We are now at stage “stand and leave” on leave it training, she’s progressing on that so fast! We have got “stays” to moving at least 2/3 meters away and she’s mastered sits and lay downs, just still a bit more work to be done on downs off furniture.
We had visitors for the first time tonight since your training, we stuck to your method of isolating her and letting our guests settle in before introducing her to them, although she made a fair amount of noise and commotion after a while she got used to them and accepted that they are welcome in her home. She hasn’t chewed any furniture or played up for attention most of the evening, which is amazing for her… We cant believe it! She’s now in her bed with us all, dead to the world!
So thank you again for your help, she’s a different dog and we are overwhelmed with her progress in such short time! 
Its made us all realise how much she means to us!
I will keep you updated with Lady Beaus progress.
Kind regards
Georgia   Harlow Essex

Hi Joe Its Hannah here, you helped me a few weeks ago with my Dobermann Sire. Just wanted to say many thanks for your help and sire is doing well.. We are getting along great with “LEAVE IT” training. Sire is a clever dog.!!! Jumping up has stopped indoors totally and with people who follow the training that you showed me. Of course when strangers want to say hello sire is bouncy but this cant be helped for now. Pulling on the lead is not half as bad but Sire still has his moments. Im starting social training classes on a monday evening with Andy Wilson from Orsett. He knows of you and is a fan of your training so all good there. And my cousin who has 5 other dogs has suggested that we walk our dogs out together x2 weekly so sire can really enjoy himself. The most valuable thing i have learnt though is how to read sires body language i.e stress signals. this is so important especially with Isaac in the home. Isaac no longer goes over to sires bed and jumps on him. He will call sire to him for affection. without hanging around his neck or putting his face near sires. Just gentle, calm strokes. Isaac is so much calmer now with sire. No shouting and getting frustrated. Its wonderful. So a big, big thank you for spending time with us and helping us along the path of becoming a happy family and pack. lol… Kind Regards Hannah     WITHAM

Hello  Hi Joe, Just wanted to report on Spot, and thank you once again, and ask if you would like to add our story to your web page, and offer ourselves up as referees should anyone out there be wondering if you are the person to help them with a canine conundrum. We are 3 generations of a family, wobbly old parents, going grey around the edges me, and 2 x 20 something children, we live in 3 houses in a row, we all have a yard, and share a bigger garden, and we are dog lovers.  We all grew up with canine companions, and in an ideal world (that did not involve an obligation to go out to work) we would all have a dog each, after the death of the last family dog (Archie the Jack Russel), and a lot of discussion, we concluded we could have a ‘shared dog’…On paper, at the vet, he is my dog, but will live with my parents (while they are well), and as he grows my children will be the walkers…and also if any one of us becomes ill/dies, he can be cared for without interruption. Reading, research, shopping, up date the ‘how to train your dog’ books, and we are ready for the arrival of Spot the Jack Russel, we have repaired every garden fence, checked behind every tv for stray wires to avoid chewing temptations, we are ready… What a joy, vaccinated, chipped, wormed, flea free, we have a wonderful little friend, he eats with enthusiasm, quickly understands that his toilet is outside, likes to play, and loves people…and here it comes…BUT..the chewing thing, now to begin with we think this a little drama, puppies have teething aches, so we invest in bones you can chill and all manner of puppy chews, all of which he loves, but the incessant wanting to swing on a passing skirt, or trouser end, or shoes of a passing person is for us more of a drama than we have anticipated…particularly if as an elderly person you take warfarin, a nip on the ankle can involve lengthy bleeding, so this minor thing takes on epic proportions, and despite our best efforts we cannot communicate that this is not acceptable. It’s 2014, so what do we do? We google…’how to communicate with your dog’…and discover Joe the Dog Man, and frankly, thank God!!  We did consider puppy training classes, but where do you live?..The nearest classes to us are 10 miles away and on a week day morning, and involve a group of puppies..we needed specific help, and wanted someone to see Spot in his home environment…So with really no idea what to expect in comes Joe…. Quite incredible, within literally 2o minutes Spot was in Joe’s pack, and we were laughing at our ignorance.  Despite knowing, and reading about the importance of a dog knowing who is the pack leader, and how to please that leader, put simply we were behaving like a crazy pack with no leader, and simply not showing him anything but chaos!!  Not the dog that needed the information, just us!!  Joe is just a fantastic communicator, with people first, and demonstrated to us exactly how to have a happy dog, and it really is simple, be consistent, and the change this has brought about is such a pleasure, for Spot and us, you can see that the little dog is breathing a sigh of relief too, as he knows where he is, and we could not be happier. If you are wondering if Joe is the man to help you, stop it, he is!!  Don’t worry about the cost, it is an investment in living, compare it to the life time of your dog, and all the future dramas you will be avoiding, and the fact that once you have met, he will be there at the end of the phone if you need him.  Finally, don’t wait, don’t think whatever problem you have is a phase that will pass, without re training of you, it won’t!!   Can’t thank you enough Joe, just delighted to have found you,  Love Spot x Elizabeth C    Godmanchester

Hello!! Life gets busy and flies along, just wanted to say hello, and thank you again, Spot is having a wonderful time, and so are we, he is the perfect family dog…loves his bed, wakes when ready, no wee or poo in the house, no biting, he has dog friends, and just loves company, the girls walk him miles around the water meadow every evening, he loves to play all day in the garden, and is the perfect companion for ancient parents, he doesn’t whine or leap at the table when we eat ( hahaha, we never had a dog that could sit quietly while we ate!!)…so, THANK YOU for our pleasure. Elizabeth, John, Doris, Lucy,Jemima and Spot x


Hi Joe, Just wanted to say a big thank you from Mum and me for the “magic” you have worked on our Cairn Terrier Millie. She was a bit of a monster and would jump up people and be generally badly behaved when we had visitors, she would not come in from the garden and now she is a totally different dog.  Rarely would she show any affection and now thanks to Joe’s hints and tips she is a pleasure to be with and our house is a happy one once more.  We have even started getting cuddles and Millie is a lot happier and calmer as are we as her owners. Cannot thank you enough for your time. Tracy & Margaret & Millie     Stapleford Abbotts 

Joe visited us yesterday and not only is he a lovely man but we’ve already seen huge improvements in Alan. We’ve gone from constant barking at next door to one quick bark or growl and then looking at us for confirmation that we know the ‘danger’ and once he’s clocked us then it stops and he carries on playing. I too know we have a long way to go but I never ever thought I’d see the day where I’m not dealing with hours of barking so I can only be amazed at the progress in such a short time. If anyone is wondering if they should call in Joe please don’t hesitate. Follow-up letter  Dear Joe We wanted to write with a massive thank you. We had a visit from you a few weeks ago and sadly Alan was far from the most welcoming of dogs! But you were not phased by this and told us immediately and calmly how to handle it. Within a few minutes Alan was your best friend! Amazing. Your action plan was perfect for us and actually easy to implement, we saw immediate changes in Alan so much that we kept looking at each other in pure disbelief. We’ve now been able to ditch the harnesses and all other control equipment and can walk Alan with a loose lead using just one fingers for the majority of the time. We are seeing improvements in his reaction to other furry things ..our local cat hardly gets any notice now and other dogs get a reaction but nowhere near as much as they did before and we know it’s just a matter of time before he starts to accept them. He’s like a different dog, totally different.If there is a knock at the door he is so calm! Unheard of before you came. We can’t thank you enough and seriously would’ve paid double for the wonderful job you have done for us. Huge thanks and gratitude Alan, Jack and Ali 🙂   Braintree I would be happy for you to put any of our comments on your website,

We were very concerned about our terrier and his increasingly anti-social behaviour to dogs and sometimes other people.  We also have a cocker spaniel, who has been barking intermittently for prolonged periods.  Joe spent so much time with us, talking through each problem and the practical strategies we could use to improve the situation.  His calm and interested approach was just what was required and we couldn’t have asked for more positive input than this.  He did not end the session until we were confident in all the plans for managing our dogs.  Since our session we have noticed a major change in our dogs’ behaviour.  The house is calmer and quieter and the dogs seem more relaxed.  Funnily enough, so are we! His gentle and confident methods have made a huge difference to the dogs’ lives and ours.  Thank you Joe.  Claire Ardleigh nr  Colchester

I  Had to let you know that,already,in such a short time since you came to me for a consultation,my Poppet’s behaviour has improved dramatically!.Family and friends abide by your advice too…Obviously a way to go still…but I know she will accept all the ‘rules’ lol Thank you Joe!..Money very well spent!..and worth every penny!.I have advertised your web page on my Facebook..with glowing recommendation! Valerie             Leigh-on sea  Essex

Hey Joe,

We just wanted to quickly update you and say we have a very changed and improved dog. She is no longer chewing furniture and on the occasions we have gone out at worst she has chewed a magazine left around! She is getting calmer with people visiting and is even sharing her toys/bones! See attatched.
She is improving and responding to commands and the isolation method works a treat.
The only slight problem we have is she does still bound to the door when someone comes to visit that she knows – any tips?
Emma Ward  
Great wakering

Hi Joe, We just want to say a BIG THANK you for coming out to see us. We cannot believe the change in Ruby already. If Ruby behaves then Tia follows :0) The change in ‘our girls’ is marvellous. And we cannot believe that it has happened straight away. Once again THANK YOU..!!! Karen & Darryl, Foster-Lane Haverhill

Hi Joe, Clare here, you came to help my husband and I with our dog Breeze. The first few days were very trying, especially when re-uniting but she is now doing so well. When we re-enter the house it is a matter of seconds before she calms and has no interest in us and we are able to call her over on our terms. She no longer follows us around the house and we have seen her nervous energy drop considerably. It is almost becoming a joy walking her on the lead. She still pulls occasionally but there is definitely a huge change in her. We are going to try and take her on a long walk in a week or so on a long lead and hopefully the recall will still work! Just wanted to let you know how we were getting on. I am with my parents in Greece at the moment and they have a dog and a puppy and I have been using the techniques on them and it is amazing how well they are getting on. Thanks for all your help. Clare, Jason and Breeze. Chingford. E.4.

Hi Joe, Just a note to say thanks so much for your help with our Labradoodle Conor. (the dog that was once known as devil dog to name a few!). Although it takes a lot of time and patience I think we are finally cracking it. Conor is no longer acting as the alpha male and is finally resigning to the fact that he can put all his stress and worries away as we have now taken over this role for him. Rome was not built in a day and all your advice and teachings are continually being put into practice on a daily basis I believe he is starting to understand were his role is in our family pack. Visitors to the house have all commented on the fact that the atmosphere in our house is so much calmer and when Conor is introduced to the room he is not going to be the centre of everyone’s attention. And will just look at them and lie on the floor, whereas before as you know he would jump up and pull their clothes for ever and a day never wanting to give up. As you say this training will continue for as long as it takes and I feel that the progress so far has made me and my family happy dog owners, not the miserable ones we were turning into snapping and losing our tempers because (devil dog) Conor was ruining our lives. Conor is a loving and fun dog and yes sometimes he does have relapses, but we now stay calm ( unlike before )and start from the beginning which reinforces the work you have shown us to become Alpha’s in our pack. We know that if we have any concerns about the training you have given us or feel we just are not getting it right , you are only a call or email away. And your calls to see how we are getting on give great support and positivity. Now I am a proud dog owner, glad to have this hairy friend as a walking companion. Not the devil dog who would stop at nothing to empty the contents of old ladies handbags if they stopped me for a chat or try to take crisps from a child in a passing pushchair. As you say the training and advice you have taught us will be ongoing with such a strong minded boy, but we cannot help but smile when we think of how unhappy and frustrated we were just a few weeks ago until you Joe changed our way of thinking and interacting with our dog. If you are reading this and thinking, Is this training worth the money? Can this man really help us and our dog? Then the answer is yes. Trust me all those weeks of dog training classes seemed like a waste of time now Joe has been to our home and seen Conor in his own environment with us. Training on mass with other dogs is nothing compared to 1:1 training specific to your needs. Well done Joe and Thanks Therese, Labradoodle owner Pitsea Essex

Dear Joe, rottweiler Kim and I would like to say a big thank you for your help with Ronni the Rotti. We had tried trainers and clubs without success, we then came across your web site and contacted you. The result is we now know exactly what we should be doing. Following your instructions we have now established the ideal relationship with Ronni. John Paveley Canvey Island Essex

Hello Joe, Just thought I would drop you a line to say how pleased I am with the dog help you gave me and hopefully this will help anyone else who is looking for dog help like I was and having difficulty deciding. You said you was having a new web site built and I thought you might find this letter useful if you have a “Happy Clients Page” on it. As you know my dog was barking every time I left my home, and the neighbours started to complain. I then got a letter from the council and I knew then I had to do something about it. I consulted several “Dog Trainers” and “Dog Behaviourist” for advise and then I spoke to you and you really seemed to know why my dog was barking and more important what I could do about it. None of the trainers are cheap, including you, but I can honestly say it was really good value for my money. You came to my home and watched and listened to what was going on with me and my dog, and advised me how I could correct it in a gentle kind way. You was with me for 4 hours and it was most interesting, hearing from you what and why my dog was doing various things. You then sent me a very detailed report confirming everything you had advised me on. As a method of correcting bad behaviour with a dog I would recommend any one to use a “Dog Listener”, as I can now leave my dog and he never bothers barking for me. Very kind regards and thanks Mary Hills

frankieHi Joe I would just like to thank you for the great work you did with me and my Shih tzus Frankie and Molly. The techniques you showed us really helped us understand and change our dogs behaviour. It was money well spent and I’d like to recommend you to anyone else who needs a kind dog trainer Thank you very much Mrs Elaine Lawrence

Dear Joe Just sending you a small e-mail to tell you that we had company this evening and after telling them what to do, we had a lovely evening and Gunner was well behaved, thanks to you. Even the neighbours noticed the difference in Gunner (no barking). Many thanks, from Mike and Annette. Corringham

Hello Joe, Liz and treacle here, we are both doing ok, Treacle is doing well with her walk when I take her even with other dog, as far as the food goes well she has learned how to help herself when I go out and she is not eating too well today, I think it might be a bit to warm for her, apart from that she is doing really well, from Liz and Treacle Woof Woof Liz Sittingbourne Kent
Morning Joe, dog Thanks so much for coming to see us all on Saturday. We found your advice very helpful and informative. I know its only less than 48 hrs since your visit, but here is an up-date over the weekend. On Saturday we put into practice the meal routine, and that has been successful ever since. Keith tried going out the front door and used the opening/closing of the door routine and that worked too. We’ve pulled him off the sofa when we haven’t called him to us. In fact couple of times he jumped up next to me, and got off just as I was about to pull him off! He must have known. When he has barked at the cats coming in we’ve put him in the kitchen. Sat evening he was in and out three times. The cats went off in the end. How long should he be left each time if he keeps coming out and barking? The only thing we are having a prob with is “walking” in the garden. We just cannot get his mouth off the chain. We tried four times on Sunday. The weather didn’t help. Does he do it because he still thinks he’s Alpha? Any suggestions? You made it look so easy! He still play bites, but we’ll continue to work on this. Anyway, thought you would find the above of interest. Hope to hear back from you soon. Regards Debbie– Elsenham Essex

Joe Thanks for coming today. Had to tell you that I’ve just walked them individually round the garden then round outside and the difference already is incredible.  I know it’s going to take a while but just had to tell you. They are now lying at my feet and didn’t even attempt to jump up on the bed! Feel really positive about this and once again thank you for your time. Take care. Lisa– Grays Essex

Joe,I just cannot tell you how much we appreciated your help, advice and teaching methods. Whisper is transformed, she stretches out at our feet, relaxes and is relishing being a dog! I cannot claim we have yet changed her car chasing ways but on the lead she is much improved, unless there is a really good scent of something. We have done as you suggested and mainly trained her in the garden.Many many thanks,With kind regards, Clare Dawson Bures Suffolk

Hi Joe, Just wanted to let you know how we’ve been getting on since your visit – well what can I say I think we have a different dog. Since you visited we immediately introduced your four basic rules in our daily routine, and in a very short period of time noticed a difference in Jaspers behaviour. Instead of jumping all over our visitors he now waits to be greeted, he is very patient at meal times and our walks are slowly becoming a pleasure. Over the fields and park Jasper is no longer on a lead and now plays with the dogs we used to avoid. Keith and I can’t thank you enough for the knowledge that you gave us and how it has changed our life with Jasper and all our future four legged friends. Thanks again, Julie & Keith Borham Essex

Dear Joe I am just dropping you a line to keep you informed about Scrumpy’s progress. As you are aware we rescued our 3 year old Staffordshire cross from a dogs home, 12 weeks ago. When he arrived, although his behaviour in the house and towards people was excellent, we found that he was particularly aggressive towards other dogs whilst out walking. Thanks to your advice, you will be pleased to know that over the past few weeks Scrumpy’s behaviour has shown a marked improvement, to the point that he will quite happily walk with other dogs. Although occasionally he will fall back to his old ways, we now have the confidence to deal with it, thanks to you. We would like to thank you again for all the professional advice and encouragement you gave, which has helped us to enjoy family life with our dog. Many thanks The Groves Family Bocking Essex

Hi Joe Just a short note – we are pleased to report that we are now seeing a gradual change in Kalli. She seems to be a lot calmer all round. She is definitely better when family come into the house, but still over-excitable with new people (even though we tell them what to do, they don’t seem to listen) We are doing our figure of eights and she is much better on the lead. She seems to be a lot more attentive to me – as if waiting for me to tell her what to do next. I have been trying the ‘off/on off/on’ the lead whilst in our woods and she is responding well to that, coming back to me 99% of the time really excited to be coming back as well. Wait Stop and Sit is nigh on perfect now. Makes life a lot more stress-free. All we need now is for this to happen ‘with distractions’ but obviously we will have to be patient. No more ‘tea-towel’ eating either. She still steals them, but then brings them back to me without being asked to. So some headway there too. Many thanks. No doubt we will have more questions later on. Regards Sheila & Jenny Kalli – Newfoundland Dartford . Kent PS To prove how much better she is, my son actually took her for a long walk the other day -(this is the son who did not like her – said she was “mad”.)… and he did it without being asked!

Afternoon Joe, Just a quick e mail to thank you for sorting out the problem of our two fighting lurcher crosses, Vinnie and Keith. We’ve continued with the Alpha training regime you set us, and although it’s only 5 weeks since you visited us, we can both see the benefits of it working already-excellent!! Both dogs are much happier as well, and the stress and worry for us of them fighting has now disappeared, so we are aiming to keep up the regime, as it works and is easy to follow. Thanks again for your continued support, and look forward to catching up again soon. Best wishes Rob & Helen Simpson Long Melford

Hi Joe Thanks very much for your follow up call this morning. Wanted to send an e-mail to you to back up my comments and thank you so much for the help that you have given us. It was lovely to meet you last week and the advice that you have given us is second to none. In a week, Baxter is like a different dog, he doesn’t jump up at people when they come in the front door and plays only when we want to!! He is the same soft temperament dog just much more well behaved. The walking is coming along and we have already noticed a difference, we will continue to persevere and I think we will have the perfect dog. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anybody who has issues with their dog and I have already passed your number to three more people who have known Baxter and are amazed at the difference. Thank you so much again, Kelly, Ian, Ewan, Ella and Baxter Ipswich

Dear Joe, A BIG thank you for your help with our 10 month old unruly Newfoundland Norman. Within hours of you leaving we had a completely different dog and he is now so well behaved when people come to visit. He still has his odd moments with Amy but this is soon cured with his timeouts. We haven’t had a chance to really try him on his lead as we have had builders in for the last few weeks but when they have finished we will be out with him every day for an hour or so. Will keep you informed of his progress in the new year. Couldn’t have got this far without your help once again thanks. Cathy and Dave Vinall Mundford, Suffolk

Hi Joe, We thought that you might be interested in an update on Jack and Harry following your visit on the 19th March. Things have definitely improved. We have worked on our relationship with ‘the boys’ in the house and this has resulted in Harry’s behaviour changing quite significantly. He now seems much happier and more relaxed and is much keener to play with Jack (not always a good thing about the house but – ‘Hey ho!!’). They also seem more reluctant to leave us for too long when out walking. Harry will even spend some time walking behind us. We have also worked on ‘recall’. They have always returned promptly under normal circumstances but now, with the encouragement of cooked chicken thighs and raw chicken wings, they return very swiftly to the whistle no matter what other distractions there might be. A particular benefit is that when out walking, we now feel much more relaxed and confident. Thank you again for your assistance. Simple but effective – long may it continue. Kindest regards, John & Roz Williams Colchester

Hi Joe SUCCESS! Theo is now a house trained dog, the penny seemed to drop all at once he now goes and sits by the back door when he wants to go outside the mouthing and biting has stopped and he is good on the lead in all he is a much calmer dog thanks to your help I hope you have a good xmas Betty Duke Basildon

Hi Joe, Well what can i say in only these few days there’s been a remarkable difference in both dogs they both seem calmer and happier and already rivers seems to be at the bottom of the pack, daisy seems to be following suit but at a slower pace. we had a visitor at home today rivers barked as the lady came in she followed our instructions and that was that it was if she wasn’t here. Thank you so much we have sent the form off singings your praises . will keep in touch. many thanks Deb and Richard Stoneman Ongar Essex

Hi Joe Andrew here. You came to see me over a month ago about my 2 staffy crosses Tilly and Amber. We had a few issues to go over, the main was their behaviour when I left the house. We had had 3 complaints from neighbours regarding the noise they made when we left the house but had never seen or heard it our self. That was until we recorded them… what we watched when we got home was fairly shocking and distressing. It was obvious why the neighbours had complained and I think we had been very lucky no other action had been taken. We tried to follow a long list of details we found on the net all of which made no difference. We had tried everything we could think of and the last option offered to us was drugs by our vet to calm them down, because the problem happened every time we left the house the thought of dossing up our dogs that much was never an option. We decided that we owed it to the dogs to give it one last go, we searched for trainers and put in key words like separation anxiety etc. and found the same sort of information. After looking we found Joe’s page and I gave him a call. I can remember speaking to him on the phone for about 10 minutes to give him an idea of the problem, he told me what he thought and I laughed to myself when I got of the phone. I remember telling Kate “He thinks the dogs are in control of us, they are the pack leader” we smiled, I was convinced that my dogs didn’t think this, they were passive and well behaved, I always thought I was the daddy. Joe told me he thought he could help, he sounded confident so we didn’t have anything to lose. He sent an e-mail to confirm he wanted collars on them, and I wasn’t to fuss over them jumping on him when he arrived. The dogs did everything they could to get his attention and it was only then it clicked to me, for a dog to be the leader they don’t have to be dominant, aggressive or overly demanding. It was the little subtle things they did that was always on their terms, Tilly had even got into the habit of tapping her food bowl for food which we thought was funny! We went over all my questions and he showed me many areas I could improve them. What I liked most was the way Joe went about his work, he didn’t just explain what was needed he showed me, made sure I got involved and watched as I carried out. I was once again proven wrong when it took 5 minutes for him to have the dog walking next to him calmly. He left after about 4-5 hours and gave me an action pack. We started the training and making sure we both id the same thing, I worked from home the week after to continue training. On the 3rd day of training we left the dogs on their own for the first time (for longer than 5 mins) since we began the training. I set the video recorder up and off I went. When I came home I could tell they had acted differently, Tilly wasn’t passing as much and they both looked much calmer. I watched the video and for the full 20 minutes I was out there wasn’t a single peep, not even a whimper!!! In 3 days the dogs had gone from howling for 1-2hours within 30 seconds of leaving the house to this. It was amazing and I really didn’t think it could be done so quick. Thanks for advice and wonderful service. Without your help the dogs would have had to leave!! ANDREW STONE Romford