Common misconceptions about aggression in dogs

A lot of dogs have behavioural problems such as aggression. However, there is something you can do about it; choose the best one to one dog training Chelmsford offers. Joe The Dog Man uses positive and effective methods. As a result you can build a fantastic relationship with your pet and correct any issues.

What you need to know about dog aggression

dog training ChelmsfordSadly there have been a lot of stories in the news lately about dogs attacking people. In many cases, the animal will be a large male dog of a breed like Doberman and Rottweiler incorrectly known for aggression.

While these stories are true, the media tends to focus on certain incidents involving specific dogs. They make it out that these breeds are the most likely to attack people.

The thing that does not get enough attention is that there are a lot of factors associated with dog aggression. It is important that you know about the ones people commonly believe are true even though they aren’t.

Certain breeds are more aggressive than others

One of the biggest myths is that the breed of a dog will determine how aggressive it is.

When there are attacks involving breeds like Pit bulls, you need to understand all the facts. These dogs are often treated badly and trained to be mean because of how people see them. It isn’t that the breed is naturally aggressive. When an owner treats a dog positively, it will act very differently. You can see this first hand if you choose to come to us for the best dog training Chelmsford can offer.

Aggressive dogs tend to be male

There is research suggesting that gender doesn’t influence aggression. Female and male dogs both have the potential to be aggressive.

Large dogs are more aggressive

People often think that a large dog will be more aggressive than a smaller one. However, any size animal can have a problem with aggression.

Actual causes of aggression

There are many other factors that can cause a dog to be aggressive. For example, a lack of guidance prevents a dog from learning what behaviour is acceptable. A dog also needs boundaries; this will help them listen to you. A lack of exercise and stimulation is another factor that can lead to aggression. This is because your dog won’t have an outlet to release tension and will become frustrated.

Joe The Dog Man helps with all kind of problems regardless of age, breed, or dog by creating a tailored training programme. As a result, you will be able to correct issues and enjoy a great relationship with your happy dog. Get in touch if you and your furry friend need the dog training Chelmsford can rely on.