Dog Behaviourist and Dog & Puppy Trainer in Hertford

Dog training in colchester Joe the Dog Man Master dog trainer can help you. My home visit service enables you to understand and modify your dogs’ behaviour, from the comfort of your own home. I will work with your dog until I get the desired response, then I will show you what I have done, explain why it works and give you the opportunity to try it out for yourself.

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In my work as a dog behaviourist in Hertford, I often find that owners notice the difference in their pets after the first session. However, changing an animals behaviour patterns is a long-term commitment, your dog will certainly improve faster if you can use the advice I provide and practice it on daily basis.

Once we have established exactly what you’d like to change and what the problems are, I will GIVE YOU AN ACTION PLAN WHICH WILL BE  yours to keep, refer to it whenever you feel unsure about the issues we have covered, or the plans set in place and you can contact me for ever about your dog or puppy .

When you undertake dog training and dog behaviour help I find  getting your dog to listen to you and follow your instructions, is about more than giving commands. The key to having a great relationship with any intelligent animal is communication; you need to show your dog what you want from him or her in a way they understand. A happy and well behaved dog is usually one that trusts their owner, just like humans a dog learns fastest when it feels secure and cared for.

If you want to establish a bond with your animal and are seeking out dog trainers in Herford, I can help make this happen. A better behaved dog can enjoy life to the fullest, they CAN be taken out regularly, trusted with other animals and allowed more freedom within the home.

There is no rush and no time limit on a consultation, however, the time you and your dog or dogs spend with me can have an impact on the rest of their lives. To support the work we do together and to maintain a lifetime of good behaviour, I offer a back-up service throughout your dog’s life. Anytime you are concerned about an issue we covered or you need further clarification on anything we have discussed, you can feel free to contact me by phone or email.

Whether you are looking for help with an older dog or you need a puppy trainer in Hertford, you can contact me to arrange a home visit. If you’d like more information on how I work, please have a look through my CLIENTS FEEDBACK PAGE which can be  achieved with any dog, after just a few hours of expert one-to-one dog training.

Click here to enquire about a one to one training session…