Master Dog Behaviourist and Dog & Puppy Trainer in Sudbury

client1I can assist you in improving your dog’s performance in a number of areas. The most common concerns owners have often relate to three specific issues, walking on the lead, toileting and obeying instructions. In addition, people may feel concerned that their dog doesn’t know right from wrong, or want to stamp out its aggressive tendencies.

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Each dog is different and you may have specific worries about your pet, that’s why Joe the Dog Man offers dog training and dog behaviour help in Sudbury that focuses on the animal as an individual. I will come and see you and your dog in the place it feels most comfortable – its own home. During the course of a consultation we will go over exactly what the problems are and I will watch your dog as it interacts with you and its surroundings.

After this initial period of observation, I will give you advice on how to get a better reaction from your dog and teach you the methods I use to do so. There is never any pressure or time constraints placed upon you or the dog. We simply go over my suggestions until you feel able to carry them out yourself.

If you take your pet to an average class run by dog trainers in Sudbury it will be noisy and full of action, the most distracting atmosphere for any dog! That’s why I work with each client and their animal on a one-to-one basis, encouraging you to make a success of the complex pet/owner relationship, and enabling you to enjoy each other’s company far more!

When you are unsure of what to look for in a company, it can be difficult to find the right dog listeners in Sudbury. I provide a friendly and reliable service that works, my training and qualifications are backed up by years of experience. I can help any owner master the principles of dog training, and then be on hand to provide follow-up guidance by phone or email for the life of your dog.

For an idea of my abilities as a puppy trainer in Sudbury, please have a look through my previous CLIENT’S FEEDBACK (LINK TO PAGE SUGGESTION). If you’d like to get in touch, I am always happy to arrange a consultation at your home for a time that’s best for you. Here, we can work on your dog’s behaviour in a safe, calm and familiar environment, using methods that are customised to suit your dog.

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