Dog Behaviourist and Dog & Puppy Trainer in Southend on Sea

client2I work as a  MASTER DOG TRAINER AND BEHAVIOURIST in Southend-on-Sea; I can help you to enjoy life with your dog, rather than worrying about its day-to-day conduct and feeling unable to make a difference. Unlike TRAINING CLASSES in Southend-on –Sea, I visit all my clients at home and carry out an assessment of the situation with both you and your dog present. I give my undivided attention for as long as is necessary and you may be surprised at how quickly we’ll get results.

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Training in the home is far more beneficial for a dog, the atmosphere is more relaxed and the animal feels more secure on its own territory. After I arrive, the first step is to spend some time observing how the dog or dogs move around the home and their attitude towards people. There is no rush to complete this stage, I will only begin the training session when I have explained clearly what I intend to do, and how this will benefit your dog.

The welfare of your dog and their ability to lead a happy life relies on their ability to follow instructions. All dogs need to be aware of their boundaries and owners need to be shown how to enforce these. It’s not a case of frightening the dog, but simply reinforcing the rules repeatedly and letting them know who the pack leader is.
My specialist dog training in Southend-on-Sea is focussed on getting to know the dog and considering which strategies will make the most impact. I’ll help you to continue the training after I leave by explaining what I’ve done verbally, and also by giving you a detailed ACTION plan.

The techniques I employ work on younger dogs as well, so if you need a puppy trainer in Southend-on –Sea, a visit from Joe the Dog Man can make all the difference. The idea remains the same, a dogs behaviour can be modified through repetition, patience, praise and where necessary, correction.
So, if your mature dog is becoming a nuisance or if you have a puppy that simply won’t behave, there are dog trainers in Southend-On-Sea who have a solution. Just get in touch with Joe the Dog Man today and let me know how I can help.


Click here to enquire about a one to one training session…