Joe visited us yesterday and not only is he a lovely man but we’ve already seen huge improvements in Alan. We’ve gone from constant barking at next door to one quick bark or growl and then looking at us for confirmation that we know the ‘danger’ and once he’s clocked us then it stops and he carries on playing. I too know we have a long way to go but I never ever thought I’d see the day where I’m not dealing with hours of barking so I can only be amazed at the progress in such a short time. If anyone is wondering if they should call in Joe please don’t hesitate. Follow-up letter Dear Joe We wanted to write with a massive thank you. We had a visit from you a few weeks ago and sadly Alan was far from the most welcoming of dogs! But you were not phased by this and told us immediately and calmly how to handle it. Within a few minutes Alan was your best friend! Amazing. Your action plan was perfect for us and actually easy to implement, we saw immediate changes in Alan so much that we kept looking at each other in pure disbelief. We’ve now been able to ditch the harnesses and all other control equipment and can walk Alan with a loose lead using just one fingers for the majority of the time. We are seeing improvements in his reaction to other furry things ..our local cat hardly gets any notice now and other dogs get a reaction but nowhere near as much as they did before and we know it’s just a matter of time before he starts to accept them. He’s like a different dog, totally different.If there is a knock at the door he is so calm! Unheard of before you came. We can’t thank you enough and seriously would’ve paid double for the wonderful job you have done for us. Huge thanks and gratitude Alan, Jack and Ali 🙂 Braintree I would be happy for you to put any of our comments on your website,















This is “Winston” who is just 11 weeks old and needed some general training




Hello Joe

Hope you arrived home safely.

Thank you so much for coming all this way today.

Your techniques have already worked this afternoon. It is truly wonderful.  This is the first time when Winston has had one of his episodes that our hands  or legs have not been bleeding.

We used the collar technique as instructed and it is having a very positive effect.

Kind regards and very best wishes

Sarah          Felixstowe






Two 4 month old German Shepherd puppies from two different litters. Just needed some fine tuning


WP_20150811_03_42_52_Pro (2) WP_20150811_03_43_37_Pro (2) WP_20150811_03_44_59_Pro (4)






staffyRemember it’s the deed NOT THE BREED this shows one of them dogs that many think are dangerous. THIS SHOWS HOW WRONG CAN THEY BE?? 11 months old and lovely




Very nice couple that I have just helped with a very lovely quick to learn 14 week old puppy. This is an email from them:-

Hi Joe,

Please see the attached photos that I took, we can’t thank you enough for the time we spent with you, your knowledge and wonderful disposition made the whole learning experience for us all very enjoyable. As busy professionals it was hard to fit puppy training into our schedules and we both had lots of questions in relation to our lovely Stanley that I don’t think puppy classes would have answered as succinctly as you did.

Having not had so much as a gold fish before, the expectations and responsibility surrounding ownership of a puppy was very daunting for me and you gave me in one afternoon so much confidence, dispelling many myths and giving me the tools in the box to be a responsible pro-active dog owner.

Your easy instruction, wealth of knowledge and obvious love of dogs shines through and it was an absolute pleasure to work with you, when you left our home you left behind an amazing legacy, we will now make sure we put all your useful tips & tricks to great use and look forward to the many years ahead with our puppy Stanley, thank you x


IMG_1633IMG_163112 months old and a really lovely dog that just needed some fine tuning

WP_20150906_15_32_14_Pro__highres (2)WP_20150906_15_32_16_Pro__highres (2) Look at this lovely boy that has separation anxiety

WP_20150927_15_12_25_ProWP_20150927_15_12_32_Pro__highres (2) This is brother and sister “Mash” and “Purdy” who are 11 weeks old and just wanted some general puppy training.

They mini Dachshunds and as you can see they are really very cute

WP_20150807_02_41_25_Pro__highres (2) WP_20150807_02_40_28_Pro__highres (2)


Brother and Sister needing puppy training

This lovely Boxer does not like other Dogs

WP_20150805_02_57_34_Pro__highres (2)

WP_20150805_02_57_27_Pro__highres (2) WP_20150805_02_57_29_Pro__highres (2) WP_20150805_02_57_41_Pro (2)

.Look at faces of these lovely 12 month old puppies

Recent visit of two lovely dogs and three lovely people. The dogs just needed some fine tuning and I have heard from their owners that things are going well since my visit. It is so satisfying seeing these results and helping clients to have the pleasure they deserve with their dogs.

WP_20150713_04_38_25_Pro (2)

WP_20150716_07_15_55_Pro__highres (2)

Last week I was on a dog training course with one of the top dog trainers in the world “Ian Dunbar”


ABOVE == Me with “Bear”



Noah Showing Bear how to sit – From Joe the dogman


This is “Bear” a lovely Poodle crossed with a Retriever, the result is a very sharp puppy. He is only 6 months old but he is massive. I was asked to help with his jumping up people, chasing and nipping their a 2 year old son Noah ,getting very excited, recall, pulling at their clothes and generally being a naughty puppy at times. James and his wife listened very carefully and put everything I advised them to do in to practice. The result after just 2 weeks James as very kindly sent me a short video of his son keeping the dog calm and getting him to sit by using hand signals and treats..
This is what makes my job so satisfying and rewarding.


WP_20150710_03_34_43_Pro (2)WP_20150710_03_34_32_Pro__highres (2)WP_20150710_03_34_21_Pro (2)WP_20150710_03_34_09_Pro (2)

This is “Roxy” a 52 kilo Bull Mastiff who is pulling her owners on the lead and she is a very strong girl. She is also managing to jump a 6 foot fence! You can see that I love dogs and they love me.

This is “Zeus” a “large German Shepherd” who is aggressive to all dogs and some humans.

This is me with him after 3 hours eating out of my hand!

me and ZEUS me and ZEUS

This is a really sweet 11 month old named “Bella” who is suffering from bad separation anxiety which is being worked on and in time she will be able to relax when her owners go out. WP_20150628_04_13_05_Pro (2)








This is “Koba” a lovely “Rotty” who is only 3 months old and his new owners just wanted him to have some general training

rotty and me-001-Frame_0

These two Labradors live happily together one is 8 years and one is 2 years old.

Ellie the 2 year old is very frightened og children and the children from the next garden want to play with her but she is very frightened of them.

Spent a lot of time in the garden with them all trying to desensitize the young lab to the children.#

Again this is a very bad case and will take time to correct but they have very loving and sensible owners who are willing to put the time in so I think all will be will be o.k eventually. IMG_0140IMG_0134

This is lovely “Aiwi” a 13 week old husky puppy who has very bad separation anxiety.
The young couple were very sensible and had done a lot of research to stop this but he really had it bad.
This needed very fine tuning to correct and is not going to be an overnight cure but is getting there.

colchester aiwi (3)colchester aiwi (2)colchester aiwi (1)

saffy 10 weeks old cockerpoo wivenhoo 2-001

This is “Saffy” a 10 week old “Cockerpoo”

This young couple had tried everything with this puppy.

They had read every training book and spent a long time on the internet looking at training.

The time and effort they put they should have had a perfect trained puppy but he really was just very clever and very naughty.

So I had to really look very carefully at showing them on how to go even further than with the training than most people would ever have to go with their puppy or dog

They will succeed because they are willing to put both the time and effort in.

I love mending puppies


This is “Lilly” the St Barnard and “ Sid” the Retriever.

I saw Sid 3 years ago and the other retriever he lives with named “Storm” as he was aggressive to othe dogs.

Since then they have added Lilly the St Bernard and have all got one well until today when massive fight took place.

The clients was not in the room with the dogs so not sure who started it or why it started.

It’s never nice seeing dogs fight but seeing your own is much worse and Storm did have some injuries to his leg.

I did a reintroducing of the dogs to each other and advising how to look for signs of a fight for the future and the best way of managing them

I feel and hope it was a one-off but you have to be very cautious all the time on and be aware it could happen again.

This was after just having a little fun with them.

IMG_0091 (2)IMG_0089 (2)IMG_0088 (2)


Recently visited “Bertie” the Bulldog who belong to a lovely couple called “Roger” and “Jane”

“Bertie a six year old had been with them for just 8 weeks and they absolutely adored him and I don’t blame them as he was lovely.

He had two behaviour problems thay wanted help with.

The first was his recall which as they described was none existent and the second one was when they took him on a beautiful walk through the woods he was obsessed with tree trunks, he would furiously rip them into small pieces and if they tried to stop him it made him worse and they treid everything they could think of to stop him but none worked.

We walked out of their back gate into a large field which then led into the woods, this is where I started the recall training and soon had him running back to all of us as fast as he could .I then put my wellies on and we went into the woods.

I used a combination of “Operant Conditioning” to desensitize him to the logs and branches and then used “BAT” Behaviour Adjustment Therapy to finish the training and again we had a good improvement.

I have spoken to my clients since and they say the recall is 100% and the branch ripping is 90% and are very pleased with my help.


bertie the bulldog

This is “Meg” a lovely mini Dachshund who is suffering badly from separation anxiety.

Part of the correction process is to “Gesture Leave” so starts the process of desensitizing her to being left on her own by showing her that all the signs of her owner going out and leaving her for a long while could be false signs and she will not be left for a long while.

It was impossible to demonstrate this as I would do normally as “Meg” started to bark as soon as she was put into her cage.

So before the desensitizing programmer could be started I had to show “Meg” not to bark as soon as she was put into the cage by desensitizing her to this first.

Because of this it is going to take a long while to correct her but her owner loves ands cares enough to put her full effort into this and so all should be o.k in the future.

“Meg” also pulled on the lead and although she is only small it was making life difficult for her owner who is also small so as always I demonstrated to her owner the correct way to stop the pulling without using any gadgets and then asked her owner to do as I did and there was a big improvement but like most dog corrections they take time and there is no such thing as a quick fix with dogs.








Hey Joe,

We just wanted to quickly update you and say we have a very changed and improved dog. She is no longer chewing furniture and on the occasions we have gone out at worst she has chewed a magazine left around! She is getting calmer with people visiting and is even sharing her toys/bones! See attached.

She is improving and responding to commands and the isolation method works a treat.

The only slight problem we have is she does still bound to the door when someone comes to visit that she knows – any tips?


Great wakering



his is two lovely retrievers named “Bracken” aged 5 months and “Bonnie” who is 2 years old

Their owners wanted a good recall so we went up the local park and spent some time getting them to come aback when we wanted them to and not when they decided to come as they was doing.

They both pulled on the lead so again I spent some time showing them how to achieve this with out using any gentle leaders or other gadgets.



This is Beau a lovely 8 month old Poodle.

He is a very lucky dog as he has great owners who are Jean and Ian who live in Heybridge Basin.


From a young age he has been socialized with other dogs and has regular off lead runs along the sand at his Seaside home.

His owners have put a lot of time and effort into having a well balanced well behaved dog.

They had me in just to fine tune some of his behaviour and I’m sure they will all have a very happy life together

He is groomed professionally every month by a dog par lour and very well cared for, if only more dog owners would put this kind of effort into making their dogs so happy and healthy.



This is “Henry” a lovely 4 month old cross breed .

A really lovely little boy that did not understand the rules of the house.

His owners did not know how to tell him what they wanted from him resulting in a lot of frustration

from both sides.

He was getting very excited and nipping them or jumping all over the furniture to get to them.

A big part of the problem was in their eyes they where giving him affection but the way they did it made him over excited.

So I showed them how to be friends with him in a calm way and guess what “He calmed right down”

to which they was very pleased with.

I showed them how to him that the nipping was not fun for them as it hurt them and he would learn from them over time to stop the nipping.

I help many clients with their puppies and just like my clienrs that have adult dogs iit is just a case of showing the clients how to talk dog and let them know what they want from their dogs


HENRY - Copy


This “Jackson” a Cocker Spaniel.

He is a very nice dog but has a few issues that need some help with.

The consultation was paid for from a friend as a Christmas Present.

He had separation anxiety, very frightened by some noises.

I demonstrated how to desensitize to him being worried when they went out and how to deal with the noises that frightened him.

clients dog woodford green-001 - Copy

This is “lucy” who is very small but can be aggressive to other dogs, has a poor recall and can be difficult to groom.

We went up the local park and started with long training leads as her owner thought she would run off.

When I felt confident we went to a part of the park which was away from distractions and the road and let her off and we had her coming back every time.

While we was training her another dog came running off lead toward her so I moved quickly towards the owner and said could you please keep your dog away as our dog can be aggressive to other dogs and the owner replied well let them get on with it as it will teach her dog to leave other dogs alone if you gets bitten! And these people are in charge of dogs!!

We then cam home and did some grooming showing the dog how rewarding grooming can be and she then loved grooming!

Very satisfied client very happy dog.


I recently had a phone call from the “East Anglia Daily Times”newspaper, stating 9 people have been bitten by dogs in the local area would I like to make a comment.
I started by saying the bad dog was the German Shepard then the Rottweiler now it is the Staffie along with the other dogs that are listed on the dangerous dog act all of which are no more dangerous than any other dog as ALL dogs can bite and do. I said here is a quote for him “it is the deed not the breed” I said too many people say “he is my baby” and I reply “he is not your baby he is a lovely dog and has his own rules that you must learn”.Dogs need a good leader and if you are too weak the dog takes over and thinks he can do whatever he likes. Most bites I have from my clients come from people cuddling their dogs and many dogs see this has a threat and people approaching dogs that are giving clear signals do not come any further near me which they ignore. Another quote “treat your dog like a human it will treat you like a dog” people need to research before getting a dog instead of seeing a puppy at the pet shop and just buying it which only encourages puppy farms. I said there are lot’s of very good dog owners out there and there are some some who have no Idea how to treat a dog.They should also ask for help in training their dogs.

Last year I had two clients one with an Old English sheepdog and one with a Labrador both with the same problem which was caused by a bird scare gun going off and scaring them.Now they were refusing to even get into he car.When I had been there for 3 hours I led them out to the car with no force what so ever and they happily jumped into the clients car much to the surprise of the owners we then drove to the field that they had run away from and walked freely with me.I did this by showing the dogs that I was a good leader and they could trust me. I trained the clients how to become a good leader and a month or so later I had both clients walking their dogs where they had been terrified to go.This is what can be achieved if you know how to do it correctly.


Last weekend I visited a very large German Shepherd who had his teeth filed down by a previous owner and the vets suspect he had been used as a “Bait” dog. This weekend I visited an English Bull Terrier that the vet had taken his tail docked off.The vet recommended it as the dog had been chasing his tail and the vet said he could bite it and damage it.This did not address why the dog was doing it and was still doing it today and I showed them how to stop this,
pity the vet didn’t think of that! And both the dogs still love us, that’s what you get back from a dog even after they are abused, wonderful creatures.