Dog Behaviourist and Dog & Puppy Trainer in Ipswich

clientHighly qualified Master Dog & Puppy behavioural training expert &  in Ipswich for all dog behaviour problems, aggression and obedience.

Finding a well qualified dog behaviourist and dog training expert in Ipswich can make a significant difference to how you understand your dog, and the ways in which you interact with it.

It is tempting to treat a well-loved pet as part of the family and expect them to react to us in the same way a human would. However, this can confuse an animal which needs strong leadership and leave them feeling stressed. In turn, canine anxiety can manifest as chewing, repetitive barking or dog aggression.

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When faced with these kinds of dog behaviour problems, it can be hard to know what to do, for instance,  shouting and physical punishment will only make a dog feel nervous and put a barrier up between the two of you.

This is where mobile and home dog training and advice can make a huge difference.  The home dog training methods in Ipswich that I offer,  will provide you with the tools you need to solve these dog and puppy behavioural problems. 

As a highly experienced Master dog  trainer and dog behaviourist in Ipswich, offering one-to-one dog training advice through a home consultation, I always visit clients in their home. Within this home environment I can understand more about your dog’s routine, and design an advice and dog training action plan, that fits in with its exact needs. 

As a dog & puppy trainer in Ipswich I often find people ask at what age they should begin home dog training lessons, my advice is ‘as soon as possible’, this helps your little dog get into a routine and understand what is expected of them from an early age. With the huge range of accessories, foods and beds on offer, some owners forget about puppy training, but even if your dog is now an adult, it can still learn new tricks!

If you have been looking for reliable dog trainers in Ipswich, to offer dog behavioural advice and expert dog training, Joe the Dog Man can help. Working with dogs and their owners in Westerfield, Rushmere St Andrew, Kesgrave, Nacton, Copdock, Sproughton, Bramford, Martlesham, Brightwell and Buckelsham, I cover all areas of Ipswich.  I have a track record that includes numerous successes with many different breeds, I am highly qualified, and dedicated to improving the lives of my clients. For an inside look at my work you can read through my previous CLIENT’S FEEDBACK (LINK TO SUGGESTION) comments, I look forward to hearing from you.

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