Dog Trainers Chelmsford

dog trainers ChelmsfordWhile you might love your dog and try hard to get them to behave, some pets can have behavioural problems. At times like this you should call on us and work with the most skilful dog trainers Chelmsford is home to. Joe the Dog Man has lots of experience and can train any breed.

A dog needs to know how to communicate with people and other dogs that it might come across in everyday life. Training is important for clear, effective, and consistent communication. You can also encourage them to behave as you want them to on a daily basis. Teaching your pet works best when you are consistent in your efforts and build up trust.

The importance of positive dog training

People all have their own methods when it comes to training dogs. Broadly, there are two main approaches; positive and traditional training. Positive reinforcement is fairly self explanatory. Here you reward a dog for showing the behaviours you want them to. This is widely considered a more effective method.

A traditional dog trainer will use fear, intimidation, and pain to make an animal behave the way they want them to. This approach is not only ineffective but dangerous. This is because the dog can begin to fear people or shut down. In addition, tools that cause pain like shock collars often backfire.

All kinds of dogs, all kinds of problems

Joe the Dog Man will only ever use positive methods with your pet so you get the best results. This is the best way to build a great relationship with your four-legged friend. It could be problems with aggression or that you need puppy training. Either way you can get expert help with behavioural issues like barking, anxiety, and more.

Joe the Dog Man has years of experience working with clients and their dogs within their homes. This allows for excellent results. So, for one of the best dog trainers Chelmsford could hope for, get in touch today. You will be able to join the many dogs and owners who now have a great bond.