Dog Behaviourist and Dog & Puppy Trainer in Cambridge

bertie the bulldogAre you looking for a dog behaviourist in Cambridge? If so, Joe the Dog Man has the qualifications and knowhow to make a difference to your dog’s manners, their level of obedience and their attitude outside of the house.

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I offer a bespoke one-to-one service that meets the needs of your dog and lets them learn in a place they feel safe, home. During the visit, I focus on your dog and try to establish how I can begin to modify any problem behaviours. My dog training in Cambridge will be tailored to your situation and focussed on getting you the results you want.

I also work as a puppy trainer in Cambridge. I can ensure you are able to take pride in your new dog, whether you are introducing them to friends, walking in the woods or meeting other dogs. Getting a puppy is extremely exciting and the rewards are enormous, but all owners need to know how to teach their new edition effectively. With the right training from the word go, puppies will display good manners and quickly form a lasting bond with their owner.

Although owners can love their dogs dearly, this can result in a lack of discipline that does not always draw out the best in a pack animal. Canines flourish under a kind but firm leader, and as one of the most experienced dog trainers in Cambridge I can teach you how to form a relationship with your pet that is based on cooperation and trust.

You may want to change your dog’s attitude towards people, feel more in control of your pet, or have general concerns about its temperament. Whatever the issue, I will GIVE YOU a plan of action and give you practical advice that can make a difference immediately. By repeating the techniques I show you, day after day, you will train your dog to respond more quickly and encourage consistent behaviour.

When you need dog listeners in Cambridge, Joe the Dog Man can help. Take a look through my previous CLIENT’S FEEDBACK ( LINK TO SUGGESTION) client’s feedback to find out what I have done for other owners, and when you’re ready, get in touch for a chat about your dog.

Click here to enquire about a one to one training session…