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Professional dog & puppy training

Any Dog, any problem any breed any age I can help. I only use kind training methods with your dog or puppy problems in Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire.

Working directly with you, and your dog, within your home environment, home dog training, will give you the tools you need to overcome dog aggression and behaviour problems, so enabling you to enjoy a positive relationship with an obedient, well trained, happy dog or puppy.

How does home dog training for obedience and behaviour problems work?

How does home dog training for behaviour and obedience problems work?

After an initial contact, I will visit you, anywhere in Suffolk, Essex or Cambridgeshire, meeting with you and your dog or puppy in your home. Home dog training, is where your dog will learn best, with no distractions.  I sit down and observe what is happening with your dogs behaviour and note your responses.

This then enables me to establish a dog training programme which works towards correcting problems with behaviour, dog aggression, and dog obedience, along with puppy training.  Taking each problem individually, I am able to guide you through each step of correction, at your own pace and as many times as necessary, until you are happy, and understand what is needed.

Using friendly, unhurried methods, there is no time limit set, it is very important to fully understand the unique challenges you and your dog are facing, using clear voice tone and body language, I will not leave until you are confident with the dog obedience and training techniques used.

What happens when your dog training session is over?

When you understand everything we have discussed and feel confident about everything I will then give you a dog expert “Action Plan” which contains everything we have discussed, and how it should be done.

Your dog training programme is then backed up for life, with full telephone or email access.

My home dog training fees are payable at the end of the consultation, and only when you are completely happy I have covered all your questions.