Is puppy training worth my time and money?

puppy training ChelmsfordWe are proud to provide the most productive puppy training Chelmsford has ever seen. Our approach is to work with you and your dog directly inside your home environment. It is our goal to give you the tools you need to conquer issues with dog behaviour so you can build a better relationship.

There are many reasons why you should consider puppy training in your own home. Starting from a young age is the best way to teach them good behaviour. This way they won’t get into bad habits and will be happier and more comfortable at home.

Below, we will go into more detail as to why training is well worth your time and money.


To begin with, you will be able to form a closer bond with your dog. According to statistics, owners that have well behaved pets receive greater satisfaction. They also end up having a stronger bond with the animal. Therefore, having a professionally trained, happy, relaxed pet will increase your chances of being close to your dog.

A dog that is social and friendly

Training will turn your puppy into a social and friendly animal too. One of the most essential elements of a dog’s life is socialising. Learning what is and isn’t acceptable in dog language is a vital life lesson they must know and understand. They won’t be able to get along with other dogs otherwise. They have to learn how to respond to other dogs as well.

Your dog might not get out all that much. Regardless, it is still crucial for them to know how to be social with other dogs. Your dog is going to meet others when they visit the vet and go out on walks; the last thing you want is them to show signs of aggression or be frightened around other dogs.

At Joe the Dog Man, we focus on using friendly, unhurried strategies. We do not leave clients until they are happy. If you would like to know more about the best puppy training Chelmsford has, feel free to get in touch anytime. Everyone who contacts us receives advice that is helpful and honest.